This CD shows you how to get started with your Digsi 4. Using examples, we will be taking you through all the key stages of working with DIGSI 4. Among other things, we will be showing you how to

  • Create station topology
  • parameterize control monitor devices
  • Route information
  • Change display images
  • Configure logical functions

We have divided the individual topics into three areas:

Basic Task

  • Task definition
  • Topology
  • Parameters
  • Routing
  • Logics
  • Display

Advance task

  • Configuring busbar protection
  • Exchanging and archiving data
  • Analyzing faults wih SIGRA 4

Communication and operation

  • Working online
  • Modem Connection
  • Direct Connections
  • Ethernet and IEC 61850

  • حجم فایل ۴۳۵ مگابایت

DIGSI 4 YOU start up

By saeed