Communication networks and systems for power utility automation – Part 7-420: Basic communication structure – Distributed energy resources logical nodes

Increasing numbers of DER (distributed energy resources) systems are being interconnected to electric power systems throughout the world. As DER technology evolves and as the impact of dispersed generation on distribution power systems becomes a growing challenge – and opportunity, nations worldwide are recognizing the economic, social, and environmental benefits of integrating DER technology within their electric infrastructure. The manufacturers of DER devices are facing the age-old issues of what communication
standards and protocols to provide to their customers for monitoring and controlling DER devices, in particular when they are interconnected with the electric utility system. In the past, DER manufacturers developed their own proprietary communication technology. However, as utilities, aggregators, and other energy service providers start to manage DER devices which are interconnected with the utility power system, they are finding that coping with these different communication technologies present major technical difficulties, implementation costs, and maintenance costs. Therefore, utilities and DER manufacturers recognize the
growing need to have one international standard that defines the communication and control interfaces for all DER devices. Such standards, along with associated guidelines and uniform procedures would simplify implementation, reduce installation costs, reduce maintenance costs, and improve reliability of power system operations.


By saeed