IEC 61850-6

Communication networks and systems for power utility automation Part 6: Configuration description language for communication in electrical substations related to IEDs

This part of IEC 61850 specifies a description language for the configuration of electrical substation IEDs. This language is called System Configuration description Language (SCL). It is used to describe IED configurations and communication systems according to IEC 61850-5 and IEC 61850-7-x. It allows the formal description of the relations between the utility automation system and the process (substation, switch yard). At the application level, the switch yard topology itself and the relation of the switch yard structure to the SAS functions (logical nodes) configured on the IEDs can be described.

NOTE The process description, which is in this standard restricted to switch yards and general process functions, will be enhanced by appropriate add-ons for wind mills, hydro plants and distributed energy resources (DER).
SCL allows the description of an IED configuration to be passed to a communication and application system engineering tool, and to pass back the whole system configuration description to the IED configuration tool in a compatible way. Its main purpose is to allow the interoperable exchange of communication system configuration data between an IED configuration tool and a system configuration tool from different manufacturers.
IEC 61850-8-1 and IEC 61850-9-2, which concern the mapping of IEC 61850-7-x to specific communication stacks, may extend these definitions according to their need with additional parts, or simply by restrictions on the way the values of objects have to be used.

iec61850-6-2003 iec61850-6

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